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The team 

My name is Puck Clara Johanna and I started Camping Almagro together with my boyfriend Jose.  

I will share my story with you:

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. When I was 16 my parents left their farm in the Netherlands and emigrated to a farm in Andalusia, the most southern region of Spain. At that time, I was studying at the University in Utrecht and did not want to join them. Two years later, this all changed. During my summer holiday in 2020, I visited my parents in Spain. It sounds cliché, but I fell in love with this beautiful piece of the world. After changing my return flight 3 times, I made Spain my home, just like my parents.

Now, Im living in Sevilla. I met José and have not once regretted my emigration. 

I love coming home at weekends. My parents have transformed the farm called Almagro into a little paradise. It is lovely to see how happy they are. Something that brings me happiness as well. I also enjoy spending summers with my parents. The nature is beautiful and I always find peace there.

I would like to show people why i fell in love with this beautiful part of Spain and i guarantee you will think the same. And that is where camping comes in.

Because of the high potential that Almagro offers us, we are able to start a beautiful, lovingly built campsite here.

We are very excited to share it with you!

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